Tryfun Yuan Series Masturbation Cup Is Launched, Opening a New Interactive Experience of Smart APP!

( Tryfun Yuan series, intelligent telescopic thrusting masturbator that offers extreme satisfaction and realistic feeling. It is a must to enjoy those special intimate moments with the partner.)

Tryfun’s top-matching masturbation cup hardware industrial design so far, equipped with yuan FUN App Bluetooth interactive system, supports OTA upgrade, unlocks three IP angels-Yaoyao, Daji, Yuhuan, fight together! And hidden characters Meta, give you the most intimate emotional companionship.

It is about intelligent interaction, about unleashing the pleasure lust for life and pursue sexual stimulation. Being passionate or enthusiastic doesn’t always help for that complete satisfaction – every individual needs that extra urge to make the moments strong.

Introducing Tryfun Yuan Series masturbator which allows users to customize their own passion. It is one of those products that can meet all the needs of the users. Available in an intelligent design and with excellent features, this is one product that every man needs to have to make the most of those intimate moments.

Top Features for Perfect Stimulation:-

  • > Dual engine design
  • > Customize IP characters
  • > App Intelligent Control
  • > Support OTA
  • > 1.54-inch color display
  • > 167mm large stroke telescopic
  • > 9-speed rotary telescopic adjustable
  • > 65dB quiet design

The product is available with a double engine design that ensures different ways of playing. Thrusting and rotation is completely optional and for user convenience, these can be set separately. There are many combination codes so that the user is never dissatisfied and can match the favorite rhythm.

It is available with different sleeves that have 5 different melodies. When these are put to the sleeves, the host recognizes them really fast. There is a 1.54 inches colored LCD screen which reveals the passion mode of the lover.

The product is popular for its exclusive texture, its compact nature and imitation of the human body channel that gives a completely realistic feeling. The stimulation points are strategically scattered around different positions. These alternate in depths so that stimulation is done wave after wave.

The product is suitable for penises of different sizes. It is one of those products that can be used for exercise as well and not just masturbation. It provides immense satisfaction the longer it is used. The longer it is used, the stronger is its effectiveness.


  • > Brand: Tryfun
  • > Material: silicone+ABS+TPE
  • > Dimensions: 297.6*104.5*118.2mm
  • > Weight: 1.3kg
  • > packing list
  • > Masturbation *1
  • > Instructions *1
  • > USB charging cable *1
  • > IP liner accessory *1

Price & Availability:-

Tryfun Yuan-series APP Controls Intelligent Rotation Thrusting Masturbator is officially available for only $191.99 , check out more Tryfun Yuan.

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