How to desensitize your Penis?

Most men are worried about premature ejaculation during sex. You men are usually vibrant during sexual intercourse but soon lose their sexual power when they are middle aged. There are different ways of approaching this disturbing matter of premature ejaculation in men. One of the best ways to counter premature ejaculation is penis desensitization.

What is Penis Desensitization?

This is a way of treating loss of penis sensation in men. Middle aged men and even some young men, tend to lose sensitivity and increase sensitivity in the shaft of the penis at the tip. Therefore, one needs to desensitize the penis for maximum pleasure.

There are different ways of desensitizing your penis. One may opt for the natural process or use a rabbit vibrator. These two methods will be discussed below here with an aim of determining the most suitable method.

Natural Ways of Desensitizing your Penis

Here below are some of the leading tips on how to enjoy maximum sexual pleasure through the use of natural ways of penis desensitization.

  • Wear Loose-fitting clothing: Tight clothes create enough friction that may be responsible for deadening the nerve cells that network the penis. Furthermore, constant rubbing of skin can prevent normal sensation. It is therefore recommended for one to wear loose-fitting clothing that will give enough space for the penis to “breath” and also avoid unnecessary rubbing.
  • Moisturize the Penis: The penis can be dry due to many reasons including cold weather, spermicides, sunburn, masturbation and even sex. It is therefore recommended that one uses natural moisture such as shea butter to keep the penis skin soft and supple. This will definitely work to optimize the sensation during sex.
  • Promote Healthy Blood Circulation: You should ensure that you have proper blood circulation in the body, more especially around the penis, in order to ensure there is optimal sensation in the penis.
  • Boost the Healing Properties of the Penile Skin: You should take immune boosting vitamins such as Vitamin D, C, A and B5. They help to prevent the any unpleasant condition that may desensitize your penis.

Of course other cleanliness measures should be taken to ensure that the penis skin is not infected with bacteria or fungi. These are some of the natural ways of keeping the penis optimum for sexual functioning.

Use of healthy vibes Vibrator

You can alternatively decide to use a vibrator to treat premature ejaculation. There are different products available in the market that can be used in penis desensitization. A good example is Prolong. This is one of the many products available to help men treat premature ejaculation. It is a climax control program.

How the Vibrator Works with Pennis

The odd Pringle-shaped penis is placed under your penis. It is aimed at stimulating a man to the point of climax. When the man reaches climax, sensation is cut off by wielder of the buzz. This process should be repeated three times a day. After days and weeks of using it, your penis will adapt to regulation ejaculation.

How to Wax your Vagina

It has been tested and found to be true in working to delay ejaculation.

Final Verdict:

You can either decide to go the natural way or use a vibrator to delay ejaculation. The choice you make should be guided on the urgency of performance you need. The natural way offers a long lasting but not instant while the jenna vibrator is instant and not long lasting. The side effects of the vibrator or any other market product may also be a factor to consider before going for the market products.

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2 thoughts on “How to desensitize your Penis?”

  1. I try my best to last as long as I can when having intercourse I only last maybe 3 to 4 minutes before I cum . I’m trying to find a way to last longer than that. It seems like my whole penis is sensitive. What can l do for this kind of problem ? Please help .

    1. early ejaculation is common problem among men. But good thing is that it is not stable and it depend on lot of factors. If you become too exited when you see your partner or think about her inner parts then chance is high that you will not last long in bed. Try to talk while intercourse and also don’t do everything in on shot. I mean start slowly with your penis and then gradually increase your speed.
      Another important thing is, please avoid oral sex before you intercourse. If she sucks for long then you will cum fast. If you need proven way then go for vigrx plus. Check

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