How to Stay Wet Longer Naturally in Bed

Sex is one of the most complicated and yet essential acts that humans have to engage in. For maximum satisfaction, a woman has to be wet in bed. The fluids have to be felt around the vagina to make the whole experience memorable and less painful. But even while looking at the satisfaction that one gets from sex, it is also important to note that sex is very important for humans.

Importance of Good and Long lasting Sex

  • Reduces Stress: Stress is one of the most disturbing mental conditions that human beings face. A simple act of engaging in sex regularly will get you to have lower levels of stress.
  • Improves your Immunity: Your immunity will also be improved if you have regular sex with your partner.
  • Boosts your Libido: The only sure way of getting yourself up to the sexual game is by participating in it more often. This way, your libido will be boosted and you will then enjoy improved sexual satisfaction.
  • Improved Bladder Control in Women: Regular sex is also known to control bladder in women.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure: Sex is also a key to lowering blood pressure and thus decreases the chances of pressure related illnesses.

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The above mentioned are some of the benefits of having good sex. When talking of good sex, it implies that a girl has to be wet in bed.

Failure to keep the girl wet will get her to experience pain during sex. Sex is not supposed to be a painful affair but rather a pleasurable act. Therefore, to enjoy the above mentioned benefits, one has to keep the sexual act as interesting as possible. As a way of keeping you informed of the best way of keeping a lady wet, we will highlight some of the simple tips that should be followed to make her wet naturally.

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Simple Steps to Make a Girl Wet in Bed Naturally

  • Be nice to her: Your masculinity will not give you an edge in making a lady wet in bed. The first step to getting her wet is by being nice to her. Being nice to her involves treating her with respect. What you do after this will be better if you treat her with respect.
  • Kiss her everywhere: Before getting down to sex, kiss her various body parts. This will stimulate the hormones responsible for making her wet. Try and kiss the most sensitive parts such as neck and breasts. A kiss inside the thighs will also make them go crazy.
  • Massage her body: While you kiss her, you should also massage her body smoothly. This will make her sex hormones active and thus produce the vaginal fluids.
  • Finger her: The last part of making her wet naturally in bed is to finger her. Gently go through the G spot to make a lasting impact in the process.
  • Listen to her: Another tip for getting her wet in bed is to keenly listen to her. Get her whatever she wants at that moment you want to make her wet.

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If you follow the 5 given steps, you will certainly make your lady wet in bed naturally.

Alternatively, a woman can opt to use lubricants to wet herself before sexual intercourse. Lubricants come in three types i.e.

  1. Oil-based lubricants
  2. Water-based lubricant
  3. Silicone-based lubricants

Any of these lubricants work to ease vaginal dryness and make the sexual intercourse an enjoyable affair.

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