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Bigfoot Lady is the male toy by Fleshlight who likes a large, hairy, bipedal humanoid. Read the review with coupon before you buy Bigfoot Lady’s Freaks sleeve.

Sexual pleasure is one of the things men cannot run from. This is why most men usually look for sex toys that can help them satisfy their sexual needs. Some sexual toys, especially those manufactured by Fleshlight, are as good as real humans. Today we will review one of Fleshlight’s products, the Bigfoot Lady Fleshlight.

The Fleshlight Bigfoot Lady Review

This is a unique sex toy that gives men an out-of-the-world sexual feeling. The sex toy has a ripply, lush labia at the insertion point making it one of the best sex toys in the market. Thee Bigfoot Lady has enhanced protruding pleasure beads that Aviator Fleshlight and other products do not have. The uniqueness of this sex toy is a guarantee to the user getting prolonged orgasms.

Bigfoot Lady Freaks Fleshlight Review

There are various reasons why you should consider buying and using this sex toy for your sexual pleasure. Some of the reasons include:

  • Gives a wild ride feeling

When using this sex toy, you will experience a totally unique experience you have never experienced with other sex toys. it offers a wild ride sexual feeling with its ripply, lush labia at the insertion point.

  • Boost your sex skills

Another importance of Bigfoot Lady is that it helps in boosting your sexual skills. With this wild sex toy, you can learn a few sexual techniques that you can perform with your lover in the bedroom.

  • Unmatched orgasms

If orgasms are all that you are looking for in a sex toy, then this is your best sex toy. It offers unmatched orgasms for users.

There is guaranteed satisfaction whenever using the Bigfoot Lady.

The Bigfoot Lady Freaks Fleshlight Sleeve

This review of Bigfoot Lady Freaks sleeve will look into the dimensions, texture, what is included in the package, and price of this amazing sex toy.

The dimensions

The total length of the device is 9.75 inches while the insertable length is 8.5 inches. This means that a man with 8.5 inches can comfortably use this sex toy. Furthermore, the total length is enough to make it a portable device that you can carry along wherever you go without drawing people’s attention.

The texture

This Fleshlight product has a wild texture that can be described well by users. The texture offers a feeling that you cannot get anywhere else.

What is included in the package?

The package has the following items:

  • Bigfoot Lady Freaks sleeve
  • Black Fleshlight case
  • Instructional manual

These are the most important things that will get you started. The instructional manual is very detailed to give you all the hints and tips that you need to use and wash this device.

The price

From the official website, the Bigfoot Lady Fleshlight retails at $72.95. This is the recommended retail price. It is a reduced price that you can only get from the official website. If you buy outside the site, you might have to pay more for this product.

You can also use Freaks coupon to get this product at a much-reduced price. All you have to do is to search for Freaks coupon and apply them when checking out on your cart. Alternatively you can try black friday coupon to save up to 50% off the retail price.

Final Words:

Bigfoot Lady pocket pussy is the best sex toy that currently retails on the market. The kind of pleasure a man gets for using this Fleshlight toy is just so amazing that no man can afford no to buy this portable sex toy.

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