How to Make a Homemade Fleshlight – Do-It-Yourself Tips

Fleshlight is the leading brand manufacturing quality sex toys and adult toys for men. You can easily quench your thirst for sex using such fake pussy product. Many people prefer using fleshlight toys due to the many unique features. Here below are some of the unique features of it that are very beneficial to users.

Benefits of Fleshlight

  • Real Skin Feeling: They are manufactured using a patented real skin material that ensures its users enjoy a real skin feeling. The real skin feeling is beneficial to those using it since they will enjoy sex thinking that it a real vagina.


  • Tight: Toys for men are very tight. This is a benefit to all the men using this product since they will have an improved sexual satisfaction when using fleshlight.


  • Safe to use: Another benefit that users get for using fake pocket pussy products is that they are safe to use. The materials used to manufacture them are very safe for human use. Therefore, there are no side effects for using any of the fleshlight products.

There is guaranteed sexual satisfaction when using a fleshlight quickshot product. Using it is therefore seen as the best remedy you have to constant sex.

How to make your own DIY Fleshlight at home?

Some people have ways of making their own pocket pussy toys at home. These are what are known as homemade fleshlight. There are several techniques that you can use to make your own masturbator. To be discussed here below are the best ways for that.

The Pringle Pipe

To make this sex toy, you will need to have a sponges, latex glove and Pringles container. After you have the materials mentioned, you should follow the steps below here:

  • Sandwich a glove between two sponges. This should be done in such a way to make the opening of one’s hand is still accessible.
  • Wedge the sponges into an empty Pringles can
  • Stretch the glove’s wrist elastic over the rim to ensure that everything is in its place.

You can turn on your computer and put some porn movies to get stimulated for sex and use the Pringles can as the vagina.


The following steps should be followed to use cucumber at fake vagina.

  • Take the widest cucumber and then cut off one end at a wide point
  • Split the cucumber down the middle
  • Remove the inner flesh carefully so that it fits your penis
  • Use a binding tape to place the two haves back together
  • Create an expansion gap by cutting along one side of the cucumber
  • Use rubber bands to tie the cut section to incorporate elasticity
  • Pour hot water through the cucumber for some minutes
  • You may need to lube it later.
  • Enjoy!!

The above mentioned are the best homemade fake pussy. But still they do not beat the real fleshlight toys.

Why should you go for the real Fleshlight?

While using the homemade fleshlight is a good alternative, there are drawbacks of using them. Some of the cons include:

  • There is no guaranteed satisfaction
  • They are not 100% safe
  • Could cause allergic reactions

It is out of these cons that it is recommended for men to use the real fleshlight girls to avoid the dangers caused by using DIY toys. It feels and look like real one and you will literally enjoy using that. Moreover, it is easy to clean and use too.

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