How to Clean a Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Fleshlight is the leading provider of sex toys for men. The products that have been manufactured by this company are mainly liked by the consumer market due to their amazing features. There are many Fleshlight products in the market that serve the huge population of men in need of sex toys. With the different types of sex toys, the features of Fleshlight products have maintained to be the same.

Fleshlight Features

  • Real-Feel SuperSkin material: the material that has been used in manufacturing adult toys are the best for they offer skin like feeling.
  • Tight: such type of sex toys are very tight thus giving users a nice time during penetration. [ Vimax Pills Coupons ]
  • Smooth: the products are very smooth and thus boost the sexual feeling of its users.
  • Safe: the materials used in these products are quite safe to use. A user faces no risk when using these sex toys.
  • Portable: you can use these sex toys wherever you go for they are very portable. Even when the sex urge comes and you’re in the office, you can have one in your pocket to use at such times.
  • Privacy: these sex toys are delivered in privacy and no third party is involved. [ Brazzers Discount ]

The above mentioned are just some of the few features that one can get from using Fleshlight sex toys.

Cleaning your Pocket Pussy

One of the hardest tasks is to watering a pocket pussy. Sex toys are hard to clean given the fact that they are made of soft materials. Furthermore, most of them are too small to allow for proper cleaning. Since they have to be clean at all times, users have to learn of easy ways to clean their sex toys. Here below are the tips on how to clean your Fleshlight pussy.

Easy to Implement Tips to Clean Fleshlight

Please take a look at below advice and try to follow that to get your fleshlight neat and clean.

  • Rinse with Warm Water

The first easy way of cleaning your pocket pussy is rinsing. Immediately after using it, you should rinse it with warm water. This is done by running water through the toy and turning it upside down. The process should be repeated several times. [ Extenze Discount Codes ]

  • Soak

If you want your pocket pussy to last for long, then you should soak the toy in soft soap or diluted toy cleaner. Do not use traditional hand soap for they can destroy the sex toy.

  • Air Dry

After soaking your sex toy, you should then dry it by laying it on a towel. Dry it to ensure that it doesn’t get damp when storing it. The inner part should be wiped with a paper towel before drying it.

  • Powder

Keep your pocket pussy soft by applying portion of corn starch. This will make your sex toy soft before storage.

  • Store it

After the completion of these steps, you should then place your Fleshlight pocket pussy in its box.

These steps are quite easy to follow. Make sure you follow every step carefully. [ SizeGenetics Coupon ]

Dos and Don’ts of Fleshlight

  • DO clean your toy before and after use
  • DON’T share your fake pussy without cleaning them
  • Store your sex toy in a dust-free environment
  • DON’T store your pocket pussy while damp
  • Read instructions about Fleshlight Coupons and how to use them, in that case you will get some discount too.
  • DON’T rely on other people’s information about such adult toys
  • Keep such product out of reach for children
  • DON’T go from back to front using the same toy.

The above mentioned are some of the useful information that can be used by men to clean their Fleshlight. Otherwise, this amazing product remains to be a leading provider of sex toys in the world.

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  1. I like my Fleshlight too and it’s really a different feeling 🙂 However, when you get started with a Fleshlight for the first time, cleaning the sleeve can be a bit tricky. I would also recommend following the instructions above to make sure you can enjoy your Fleshlight again and again.

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