How to Finger a Pussy to Make Girl Cum and Wet

Did you know that girls’ sexual pleasure is right in your fingertips? Your fingers can literally make a woman sexually satisfied. But it’s not as easy as it sounds; it is an art that you must master to get it right. The tips of how to finger girl to make her wet forms the basis of discussion here below where all the steps involved will be discussed. Earlier we discuss about some best ways to masturbate and now it’s time to implement that for your partner.

Best ways to Finger a Pussy to cum her fast?

  • Start Off Slow

The process of fingering a pussy does not begin with direct contact with the pussy; you have to start slow. As a tip, you should begin by kissing her slowly and touching her breasts. This should happen while she still has her clothes on. The aim of this is to make her get more and increase her sex power naturally.

  • Get her Wet

The aim of the first step of making out is to make her wet. If you insert your finger before she is wet, it will most probably be painful for her. The whole act is not supposed to be a painful act but rather a sweet engagement that will make her long for more.

There is a cardinal rule about fingering a women; it states that you should not touch a girl’s private parts before getting her wet. For that you need to learn how to turn her on without touching.

  • Continue Making Out

It is important to continue making out even after she has started to be aroused. As a tip for this step, you should now get your hands in her stomach, inside her blouse, and slowly move down and penetrate inside her jeans.

  • Unbutton her Jeans

It’s almost there guys! This step requires you now to romantically unbutton her jeans to get full access to her panties. You can rub her vagina while her panty is still on. This will make her feel so high. After she is high, get off her panties too. You should now be in a position to initiate the big move. You play BDSM type game with her to make this all thing more interesting. To know about what is bdsm and how to go with that, please read my past post.

Tips on How to Enter and finger girl?

So far, you have done a great deal in making her prepared for this sexual act. You should now learn of the tips on how to enter your finger so that you do not mess up the whole thing when it’s just about to get better.

  • Explore Everywhere Apart from the Clitoris

While she has her panty off, you can now start exploring the areas near the vagina. There is a difference of how she feels when you touch her vaginal areas with her panty off. It is not yet time to venture into the clit. Touch everywhere and let the clit for your next step.

  • Insert your Finger into her Vagina

She is now wet and begging for you to do something. Smoothly locate the opening of her vagina and slowly insert your finger. Make it slow and exciting to avoid putting her in pain. Thrust your finger inside and outside the vagina. As a tip, you should not let your finger come out fully and getting it back immediately. This causes pain to the girl, which of course is not good for this act.

  • Stimulate the Right Areas

Once you are in, you should stimulate the right areas to make the whole act exciting for her. Your fingers can be your best bet for getting her orgasm if you stimulate the right areas.

  • Maintain a Rhythm

You should then strive to maintain the rhythm that your girl is enjoying. This will make her fully satisfied. [ Goodvibes discount coupons ]

Conclusion on cumming girl by fingering her pussy

Now that you know the art of G-Spot Orgasm, stimulation and  fingering a vagina. You should not hesitate to try it out with your girl. Fingering is much easier than the actual sexual intercourse which requires a man to work extremely hard to get a lady to full orgasm.

How to Lick a Pussy – The Best Way to Eat a Pussy

Oral sex has immense pleasure that most women long for. Most men can really fuck a woman but find it hard to perform oral sex. It is as an art that has special techniques. If you want to become a god in oral sex, then this is the right place for you. All the tips and techniques will be mentioned here below with the sole aim of making men capable of performing this art.

Tips for how to Lick a her Pussy

To be mentioned here below are the steps that a guy should follow to successfully perform to turn her on into the bed.

Step 1: Maintain Eye Contact

The first step is to make your girl know that you value her. Maintaining eye contact with her is the best way of showing that you are connected with her. Do not move your eyes away from her. She will blush leading you to the next step.

Step 2: Kiss Her Body

You should then start kissing her body to make her feel comfortable. The whole act of kissing should not be centered on oral kissing but rather the different body parts. Start with her neck as you move downwards. Just to point out; her clothes should be off while you are kissing her.

Step 3: Play around the Pussy

The next step is to tease her a bit by playing with her pocket pussy. It’s not yet time to start licking it but you can kiss the vaginal area to get her stimulated for sex. Her thighs are your best bet at this point. You should make sure that you kiss her thighs romantically before getting to the pussy.

Step 4: Lick her Pussy

It’s now time to start testing her pussy. This should be done after she has been wet for her to fully enjoy the sexual experience. Lick it slowly and in a rhythmical manner. Make sure to pass your tongue over it in such a way that she asks for more. Start from upper side and gradually go to bottom part of her vagina labia. You can also play BDSM games too.

Learn some best ways to Eat a Pussy

Since you are in the stage of licking her pussy, you should also know of the best way to eating it out. As a tip, you should go for the G-spot to make her feel sexually high. Ensure that you get the best out of it. Put your mind in this act to connect with her emotionally. Women need men who can connect with them emotionally.

You can also use your tongue as a way of eating the pussy.

Step 5: Find the Right Stroke

You can either slow it down or speed it up just to find the right stroke of the divine. The moment you find the clit, you should now establish the best rhythm that will stimulate her sexual hormones and increase power naturally. As a tip, start slow and then increase your speed gradually. Ensure that the speed you are using is fine with her.

Step 6: Tell her She Tastes Great

I know it’s not part to lick her pussy, but it is important to make a short pause to appreciate her. Even if she wasn’t enjoying the act, appreciating her will make her feel good. It is therefore important to tell her that her vaginal taste is great. You can purchase some flavored bra or condom from Goodvibes using coupons to make it more enjoyable.

Step 7: Ask What She Wants

The next and final step is to ask her what she wants. Maybe at this time she might want you to finger her. Do exactly what she wants to make her feel important. Alternatively, you can purchase didlo from Tootimid or other stores to perform that ask.

Concluding my words:

The art of tasting a pussy with your tongue has been disclosed to all the men who have always wondered about that. Now instead of thinking about what would she feel and wonder, you just need to start implementing this step right away. To fully enjoy the act and make your woman feel sexually satisfied, you should follow the above given steps. Otherwise, the whole act of eating a girl’s vagina is one of the most interesting sexual acts you can imagine of.

Best Way to Masturbate – How to Jack Yourself Off

There are many myths about masturbation that have been transferred from one generation to another for many years to an extent that people fail to know the truth about masturbation. Unlike what many people think of, jerking is quite a healthy act that is of much benefit to men. If you want to find some fun and newest way to jerk yourself off, then you landed on correct page.

Importance of Masturbation – Why should you Jack Off?

  • Promote the Release of Endorphins: these are the neurotransmitters associated with happy feelings. It helps in improving overall mood fighting depression.
  • Produces Oxytocin: this is a chemical that works as a natural pain reliever.
  • It helps in reducing headaches or any muscle ache.
  • It also improves the general immune system of a human being and contribute to overall health
  • Masturbation at night helps to induce sleep while in the morning it helps in providing more energy to start the day with.
  • Jacking is also important for it provides a sexual outlet for people who are on their own; either by choice or circumstance.

These are some of the top importance of masturbation to the well being and general health of people. There are also specific benefits that masturbation has given men.

How to Jack off and benefits of Kinky masturbation

  • Helps in Combating Premature Ejaculation: men who have problems with premature ejaculation should masturbate frequently as a way of combating this problem.
  • Keeps Semen Healthy: regular flushing helps in keeping the semen healthy
  • Reduces chances of Prostate Cancer: Jerking off regularly is a proven way of reducing chances of prostate cancer among men. [ How to Turn a Girl On into bed ]

Best and Effective Ways to Masturbate

  1. The Endless Vagina

This is one of the most popular ways of masturbating. This technique involves making a fist with one hand and sliding it down the penis. Your hand stimulates the vagina feeling and thus you can have an endless vagina.

  1. The Stranger

Of all the masturbation types, this is the most popular. The trick of this type is to sit on your hand until it is numb. Eventually, you will lose sensation in that hand and feel like somebody else is taking care of you. [ goodvibes coupons ]

  1. Hot Meat Sandwich

This is a simple way of masturbating where you use your stomach and one of your hands to act as the vagina. You run your hand against the penis until friction occurs. Therefore, it is not using the real meat sandwich- that won’t make sense. Check too timid store to buy sexual toys and games for cheap.

Alternatively, and as the best way of masturbating, you can opt for using a trusted sexual toy to satisfy your sexual need.

What is the best Masturbating Device?

There are various devices that can be used to jerk yourself off. The leading brand is Fleshlight. For many years, It has been great companion of men in their quest to satisfy their sexual needs. [ what is bdsm ]

There are many reasons why Fleshlight devices are considered as the best masturbator. Here below are some of the reasons:

  • Natural Skin Feeling: they offer natural skin feeling to help men in getting sexually aroused.
  • Safe to use: the materials used in making Fleshlight girls are safe. There are no associated side effects of using these devices.
  • Easy to clean and maintain: the toy can be easily cleaned after use.
  • Fairly priced: in comparison to the quality of the products, Fleshlight products are the best priced and most of you can afford that as it’s one time spending only.

Now that you know of the importance and benefits of jerking off, you should think of seriously getting into it enjoy the benefits. If you choose to jack off using a device, only go for the best, which is Fleshlight.

How to Increase Sex Power in Men Naturally Fast

The most precious gift given to men is the power of sex. Both men and women enjoy sex in equal measure but it is the man who is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that the whole act of sex is enjoyable. However, some men face difficulty in bed. There are two categories of difficulty some men may face. The first category is that of finding difficulty in achieving the feeling of arousal while the second is trouble in maintaining an aroused state of mind. These problems all boil down to men’s sex power.

Importance of Male Power for good Sex

  • It helps men to maintain a long sexual intercourse with his partner. Any sexual intercourse can only be maintained with sex power in a man. [ How to Turn a Girl On Over Text ]
  • It increases men concentration in sex and thus stays aroused for longer periods.
  • It helps men to explore their manhood at its fullest. It is a man’s pride to have greater sex power and thus an important factor in man’s life.

Why Men Need to Increase their Sex Power?

  • An increase in sex competence will boost their confidence while having sex and thus make their mind free. [ What does bdsm mean ]
  • Sex energy is not only beneficial to the man but also to the woman partner. An increase in strength will work to satisfy the woman with whom the man is having sex with. As a primary goal, every man should aim at satisfying their partner.
  • An increase in sex capability means a general improvement in the relationship. Most relationships are bound with intercourse and thus making it more fun will make it last for longer periods. [ Goodvibes coupons ]

Of course there are many other reasons why a man needs to enhance his sexual power.

Best Natural Ways to Increase Male Sex Power for fast

  • Exercises

One of the most natural ways of boosting sex power is by engaging in regular exercises. Simple exercises such as push-ups or jogging will go a long way in boosting a man’s sex power. Exercises help in improving blood circulation in the body which will in turn make intercourse better by enhancing the release of testosterone. [ too timid discount coupons ]

  • Eat Healthy

A man who is keen on improving his sexual stamina should watch his diet. Certain foods are known to be good in increasing a man’s power in bed. Food such as Oyster, Almonds, Cashew Nuts, Sesame Seeds and Walnuts are some of the best food known in increasing male sex power.

  • Change in Lifestyle

A man should be willing to change his unhealthy lifestyle in place of a healthy one which will boost his coitus power. Change in lifestyle not only includes what you eat but also your state of mind. You should strive to be stress free. [ fleshlight girl review ]

The above mentioned are some of the top natural ways of boosting sex power in men. It is also important to note that regular practice of sex will also help in boosting a man’s confidence in bed and will in turn raise his sexual stamina. The above mentioned tips should be followed by men who want to live a healthy lifestyle and have better times in bed.

How to Turn a Girl On Over Text and Into Bed

Turning a girl on is an art that not all men can perform. They few men who can turn on ladies will confess of how enjoying it is to turn her on. There are different ways in which you can turn a girl on and get her to bed. You can either decide to use texts or touch her to get her in bed. It all begins with your words and that’s why the best ways of turning her on verbally will be highlighted before getting to see the secret ways of touching her to bed. But before then, let’s analyze the importance of having a conversation to turn her on.

Importance of Conversation with a Girl to Turn her On over text

Conversation with a girl has the following benefits in turning her on.

  • Builds Trust

When you converse with her, you actually make her to trust you. There is power in your words that no action can define better.

  • Opportunity to Express Emotions

In a conversation, you can express your emotions to her. It doesn’t matter whether your emotions are real or not, words will just help you to convey them.

  • You can study her

It also gives you an opportunity to study her and get to know what her feelings about you may be. [ Best Fleshlight Girls for you ]

  • Deeply Absorbed

Girls are very fragile and thus deeply absorb the words in a sexual conversation. This will help you to get her in bed to proceed with your sexual encounter with her.

Not every conversation will turn a girl on and therefore importance of choosing the right words. For that reason, some of the best text messages that can turn her on will be highlighted here below.

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Examples of Texts messages to Turn Her On Without touching her

  1. “Hey babe, can you keep a secret”… “Don’t tell anyone but am actually going insane after meeting this lady whom I can’t get off my mind. Her name is NAME OF THE GIRL YOU’RE TEXTING. Do you know how I can see her?”
  2. “Hey, are you a thief? … I can’t trace my heart and you’re the last one I saw it with”
  3. “Hey, do you think a poor man like me can afford your time?”
  4. “When you’re around, everything starts throbbing and it’s not just my heart am pointing at”
  5. “Next time we meet I promise to show you what love is”
  6. “Since I met you, I no longer watch porn for your body is enough for me”
  7. “…Aaah, am feeling restless tonight. Would you come and tie me up. I will do anything you want me to do”
  8. “I want to upgrade my wardrobe, do you mind approving my new look?”

Soloflesh Fake Pussy Review

These are some of the texts you can use to turn her on without even touching her. It should be noted that these are generic message and sometime may not work in special cases. For that you need to Checkout the Book given here where we have added all the scenario and case studies to help you to get attention of any girl you want. If she comes to your place or was in your place, you should use the next tips as ways of turning her on.

Secret Ways to Turn On a Girl Sexually By Touching Her

  • Pull Her into You: women like men who are muscular and willing to show off their masculinity before sex. By pulling her into you, you’re slowly turning her on.
  • Groom Her: some simple acts like brushing her hair away keep her sexually anxious.
  • Kiss her Forehead: it’s yet not time for the real kiss, just go for her forehead and do it gently.
  • Touch her Waist: the next move is touching her waist. This is a killer move and you should take note of her reactions.
  • Kiss her now: make the move and start kissing her. Ensure that you do it in a romantic manner to keep her weak.
  • Push her into a Sleeping Position: pretend to be taken away by the kiss to push her into a sleeping position. It is important for a man not to be taken away by the kiss for he might lose focus.
  • Undress her: if you did the kiss part well, undressing her should be easy.
  • Have sex: bro, it’s time to get the price for your hard work!!

You can ask her to lick your cock and if you afraid to get pregnant from swallowing sperm then show our previous post to her.

What does bdsm mean – How to play BDSM party Game?

BDSM is a popular term in trending night clubs. But what exactly the meaning of term BDSM? To fully get the concept of BDSM, we will divide it into 3 parts i.e. B&D, D&S and S&M where B&D means Bondage and Discipline, D&S means Dominance and Submission and S&M means Sadism and Masochism. This definition only covers a letter-to-letter description of the word BDSM.

In general, BD&SM is a sexual game where one partner enjoys sexual dominance over the other. It is a painful but exciting sexual game that its participants enjoy a lot. The game is not only interesting but also beneficial. Against all odds, BDSM Party has numerous benefits as highlighted below here.

What is the meaning of BDSM and it’s benefits

  • Entertainment

Just like any other game, BDSM offers entertainment to both the participants and onlookers. It is an interesting game where the participants play while onlookers chant for more action. [ Too Timid Coupon Codes ]

  • Improves Sexual Satisfaction

Being a sexual game, one of the major benefits is that it boosts sexual satisfaction. While in the game, participants’ hormones are ignited and thus become sexually active. The pain of being in bondage is overwhelmed by the dominating sex hormones to bring sexual satisfaction. [ Fleshlight girl review ]

  • Relieves Stress

This sexual game can not only be of great benefit to your sex drive but also work as a stress reliever. It is a proven way of relieving stress. You can either decide to do it at your home or participate in the game in a night club.

  • Healthy

The sexual fantasies that participants get when playing this game have positive effect on mental health of an individual. Therefore, you gain the benefit of being healthy while playing the game. [ Soloflesh pussy review ]

  • Learn New Sexual Tricks

BDSM has quite a number of sexual tricks that a participant can learn. The sexual tricks learned here can be used to improve one’s sexual life.

These are just some of the benefits that you get from participating in this sexual game. There are many other benefits that can be experienced while at the game. The benefits stated above show the importance of playing this game. [ Is that possible to be pregnant from swallowing cum ]

How to Play BDSM Party?

Like minded individuals come together to create a BDSM party. Organizers of the event are then tasked with the responsibility of getting the necessary equipment to advance this game. The equipment used should be as per the standards of a BDSM party. The gears brought by the organizers are for bounding people. Other people come with their own whips and canes to be used in the game.

The party begins where some people are bound or restrained and others given dominance. There are rules set for the game that will govern the extent to which the game should. The degree of sexual contact is also determined by the organizers. No one is allowed to touch anyone or their toys if not participating in the game.  [ Colt Power stroker blowjob device ]

What to care of While Playing BDSM

In as much as BDSM is an interesting game, there are risks involved in this game. The following tips should be observed to make the game secure.

  • Listen to the Safeword: the game has a safeword that tells the dominating partner about the physical injuries of the submissive partner. The dominating partner should listen to the safeword and stop when it is appropriate.
  • Avoid Using Much Force: the game should be natural and participants should not use excessive force against their partners.
  • Know the Boundaries: there should be boundaries to the extent of dominance in this game.

To fully enjoy this game, participants should be cautious about hurting others.

Soloflesh – Warm Water Filled Pussy Review

Pocket pussies are among the most selling products in this generation. Though they are dated back in previous generation, they have found a good reception in this one. In one way or the other, you might have heard of the term pocket pussy. More of this term will be discussed here below and also view the best of it.

What is Pocket Pussy?

It is a male masturbator product that resembles the vagina. It is referred to as ‘pocket pussy’ because it is small that it can be carried in the pocket. Thus, pocket pussies are small vagina toys that are used by men to satisfy their sexual desires.

There are many brands manufacturing pocket vaginas. Among the many brands, Soloflesh is a leading brand.

Soloflesh Warm Water Filled Pussy Review

It is a sex toy that resembles a vagina. This sex toy is considered to be among the best for utilizing pressure and tightness advantage. This particular brand has achieved to produce a sex toy that is as tight as the pussy. The materials used are as natural as the human skin.


As a leading brand, Soloflesh has some amazing features that one can get from a sex toy. Some of the top features include:

  • Warm Water Filled Pussy: This is among the few revolutionary warm water filled pussies that assure men of ultimate sexual satisfaction. The experience that a user will get form this pocket pussy is considered to be the most authentic.
  • Unique Materials Used: This product is made from 100% silicone hypoallergenic material that is easy to clean. This material is not only easy to clean but also quite natural as human skin. The material used offer the human skin sensation for men using it.
  • Magical Response: This product is not static but rather responds to movements made by a man using it. The response is done in a dynamic motion making it magical. They offer discount coupons as Fleshjack and other brands.

Benefits of Using Soloflesh Pocket Vagina

Apart from the above given features, men also enjoy the following benefits.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: A user of this product is guaranteed satisfaction for using this product. Through its tightness, controlled pressure, dynamic motion, and soft skin materials features, one is bound to be sexually satisfied after using this product.
  • The materials used here are quite safe and have no side effects.
  • Cheap: In relation to the quality provided, Soloflesh pocket pussy is considered a very cheap product. It might not be the cheapest but the best priced against quality.

Best Realistic Dildo

What is the Price?

This sex toy can be easily purchased online at various stores such as eBay and Amazon or at the company’s main website at a retailing price of $79.95. You can buy that from JimmyJane or any other online store using store coupon codes to get huge discount.


Soloflesh against other Pocket Pussies

There are other brands such as Fleshlight, Colt Power Stroker and Autoblow2 which are closely competing with Soloflesh. It has superior features that make it better than its top competitors. Fleshlight is a good sex toy though its price has been highly exaggerated leaving Solo flesh as the best and only alternative. You can also make cornstarch fleshlight to save your money, but it won’t give you best experience that you are looking for.

Why Should you buy Soloflesh?

There are many features and benefits that you will get from buying this amazing product. But among all its closest competitor with nearly same quality, it is the cheapest option that you have. Therefore, you should opt for Solo-flesh as a high quality warm water filled pussy given at the best price.

Can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm or cum

The question is; can you get pregnant from swallowing sperm or cum? In a bid to answer this question, all the myths and facts surrounding it will be discussed here below. All these are aimed at establishing the truth behind oral sex and pregnancy to keep girls in the know.

Among the trendiest topics that teenagers like discussing are usually sex-related. For over the years, teenagers have been arguing on different issues concerning sex and sexuality. One of the highly debated question forms the basis of discussion here below.

Fertility Myths about Swallowing Sperm and getting Pregnant

Some of the fertility myths will be mentioned here below and their contrasting facts stated just to clarify matters.

Question: Can you get Pregnant from Swallowing Sperm or Cum?

One of the leading fertility myths is that you can get pregnant by just eating spermatozoon. This myth states that after swallowing semen, some of the active sperma entered into girl’s body and in one way or the other, find its way to the ovaries. This myth has no scientific backing and thus remains to be just a myth.

Fact: The fact is that you cannot be pregnant for just ingesting cum. There is no way the digestive system will direct the sperm to the ovaries and thus eliminate any possibility of getting pregnant.

Best Strap on Realistic Dildo

Myth: If you ingest cum with a Cut in the Mouth you will get Pregnant

Another interesting myth that seems to be more convincing is that you can actually get pregnant for devouring sperms with a cut in the mouth. This myth is anchored under another misleading myth that sperms can get into the bloodstream and make a woman pregnant.

Fact: The fact here is that there is no way possible of getting pregnant when the blood is mixed with sperms. Regardless of the place through which the blood will mix with the sperms, there is no scientific backing of this claim. The only way is through the conventional sexual intercourse.

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Myth: Slurping semen will make you more Fertile

Another leading myth about sperm swallowing is that women can actually get more fertile by ingesting cum. This myth is rotating around the fact that semen has valuable proteins and other important nutrients. This makes people to think that they can actually be more fertile from male reproductive fluid.

Fact: the fact is that fertility in women has nothing to do with swallowing sperms. If you want to improve your fertility then you should eat healthy food and diet (i.e Cornstarch) accordingly. No scientific research has proven this theory and thus it remains to be a myth.

Myth: You Can’t Get STIs from eating cum

Another myth that has found its root is that girls cannot be infected by STIs by just devouring cum. According to this myth, blow jobs are just like normal kissing sessions which do not have effect on a person’s health.

Fact: The fact remains that blow job is not any ordinary kissing. You can actually be infected with STIs for eating male reproductive fluid. The fact that you will not get pregnant should not lead you to think that you cannot get infected with STIs for blowjob.


From above, it is very clear that there are many myths surrounding the whole act of swallowing spermatozoon. It is therefore important for ladies to know well of the fact surrounding blow jobs so as to be safe when having an oral session. You can buy sexual and blowjob products from JimmyJane and other sites.

Colt Power Stroker Review – Best Blowjob Simulator

One of the popular sex toys brands is Colt Power Stroker. This brand joins in the list of the best blowjob simulator. In a bid to know its effectiveness in satisfying the sexual needs of men, we will review this product. While reviewing it, all its features, benefits, its price and where to buy it will be mentioned.

My review of Colt Power Stroker

Earlier we reviewed some best strapless dildo and it’s time for male products. This is a neatly designed male masturbator toy. It has a special design that makes it looks like a grenade. This sex toy is primarily used for blow job. On the lower side of the toy, there is a hole through which a man’s penis penetrates through. It is considered to be among the best due to its special features such as the unique material used in its manufacture.

Features of Colt Power Stroker

Here below is a comprehensive review of this penis male sex toy with the unique benefits.

  • Great Design: One of the most unique thing about Colt Power Stroker is its design. It has been given a grenade-like design that makes it so unique. Furthermore, in the package, it has been written ‘EXPLODE’ just to show how the whole experience will be explosive.
  • Futurotic Material: It has been made out of a special material. This is a unique material that has been given the name futurotic. It stimulates the natural feeling when using this product. It gives a skin feeling.
  • Phthalates Free: This product has been made of materials that are phthalates free. This means that a user of this product will not have to fear for any side effects for using it. The materials used are natural and thus have no health risks.
  • Powder Included: Powder has been included as part of the product. Therefore, the user gets an added advantage of using powder.
  • Latex Free: This product is free from latex. Though there is rubber as part of materials used, it has no latex.
  • Super-Tight: It is super-tight to make the whole feeling interesting to the man using it. The tighter a sex toy, the better it is.

These are some of the unique features you will get from this product. Together with these features, there are other benefits of using this product as highlighted below here.

  • It is quite easy to clean this sex toy. This makes it clean all the time and ready for usage.
  • The design is perfect for traveling men. You can easily carry it around when traveling to different destinations in the world.
  • Another benefit of this product is that it is fairly priced.

What is The Price of Colt Power Stroker?

Colt Power Stroker has a normal retailing price of $19.99. However, you can get discounts from time to time depending on where you buy it. For example, there is an ongoing offer at Amazon that puts this sex toy at a reduced price of $15.59. You no need to use any discount coupons, simply login to your account to buy that.

Why should you Buy Colt Power Stroker?

If you want a quality blowjob sex toy at a reduced price then you have Colt Power Stroker as the only option. This product is quite unique in its features and has been fairly priced. At $19, there is no better sex toy you will get than this, Moreover; you will able to use coupon codes to reduce it farther more. Hurry and get the ongoing discount before the price sets high to its original cost.

How to make your own Cornstarch Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Fleshlight is the leading manufacturer of sex toys. They are male masturbators that look like torches. The idea behind Fleshlight is to manufacture a fake vagina that will give men the satisfaction that they would have gotten from a real vagina. It is the most popular brand of sex toys in the world. Over 5 million men are using these products.

As a leading brand, Fleshlight has a number of benefits attached to it. Here below are some of the benefits of using Flesh-light products.

Benefits of Using Homemade Fleshlight Pocket Vagina

  • Real Sexual Satisfaction

With their patented Real-Feel SuperSkin materials, the products offer real sexual satisfaction. You no longer have to spend lonely nights if you don’t have a partner or if she is away.

  • Safe to Use

Fleshlight products are very safe to use. There have been no reports of any side effects for people using these products. The materials used in making the products have passed all the safety regulations.

  • Hygienic

The products are quite hygienic. They are easy to clean and thus bound to be clean at all times.

  • Improves Stamina

One of the greatest benefits of Fleshjack is that they improve a man’s stamina in bed. Through continuous use of these sex toys, a man will develop stamina and new techniques for sex. It gives men an avenue to practice new sexual styles without any fear.

  • Portable

Fleshlight fake pussy is quite portable and thus easy to carry. Just like that, you can have sex even in your office without raising any suspicions in the office. Their shape allows for discreet storage.

cornstarch DIY homemade fleshlight pussy

There are many other benefits that one could get from using Flesh light. The above mentioned are just a sample of benefits that you can get from using these products.

Noting the numerous benefits that this product has, it is also of great importance to learn how one can make their own. This is due to the fact that not everybody can afford the Fleshlight products but everyone carries the sexual desires that can be met by this product.

Requirements for building your Own homemade Fleshlight

  • 1 Cup of Corn Starch
  • 2 cups of water
  • An empty glass
  • A stick

The stick that you choose should be the same cinch as your penis.

How to make your own Fleshlight Pocket Pussy using cornstarch?

In order to have your custom DIY cornstarch pocket pussy, you need to follow the steps here:

  1. Take about 100g of corn starch and place in the empty glass
  2. Add about the same amount of water (100 g) and then mix thoroughly
  3. Add more water (about 100g) then continue to steer
  4. After mixing thoroughly, place the mixture in the microwave for about 1 minute
  5. Make a small hole in the middle after it has solidified and then place it back in the microwave for another 30 seconds
  6. Use the stick you had and place in the hole. It should not go beyond ¾ of the glass
  7. Place the glass with the stick in the fridge for 40 minutes
  8. Remove the stick after it has cooled
  9. Ready to use!!

As simple as that, you can make your own homemade cornstarch Fleshlight and start enjoying sexual activities at your own convenience.