How to jelq properly and safely with video and images

Jelqing is an old Arabic custom utilized by males in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Palestine and the Malawi states of Turkey. This procedure can be used to enhance the penis size both in an erect state along with flaccid state.

 How to Jelq to increase your penis size?

The procedure of Jelqing is an easy one in theory, however it should not be performed without instructions. It’s important for comfort and safety that you figure out how to Jelq correctly. [ Extenze promo code ]

While learning it is essential to know that it shouldn’t be practiced when you’re more than 80% erect, it is important to sustain at least 50% penile erection through the procedure. If you wish to achieve thickness, be certain that you’re nearer to the 80% side of hardness; for size, remain on the limper part of the scale. This can often be hard for those who just understanding Jelqing with images.

how to jelq safely and properly

The procedure of Jelqing is quite easy in its simplest concept. First, a warm fabric is covered gently within the genitalia to relax them making them free. Just after a couple of minutes with the fabric in position, it’s taken out plus a firm stretching of the member ought to be done as well as a comfortable massaging.

Do this for 30-60 seconds, then lastly the “milking” can start. Employing a good oil to prevent unwanted friction, make an Okay indication using your thumb and forefinger and gradually push-up to drive more blood into the penis tissues. Once you arrive at the head, do it again the process using your other hand. [ Goodvibes coupons ]

Every activity must take at least 3 seconds and a maximum of 5 seconds. You need to do this process for 5-10 minutes, preventing if you get a complete erection. You should attempt not to ejaculate either; this process can be repetitive approximately 3 times within an hour having a relaxing time between procedures where the warm fabric is once again covered all around your genitals. [ vimax pills discount codes ]

Process of jelqing properly with safety

Ensure you stretch out again before beginning a fresh milking process. You must also finish using the fabric and stretching procedure too. This can be ignored by individuals who learning about Jelqing properly without any side effect or pain. [ fleshjack discount ]

Jelqing has been proven to be successful for enlargement of the penis but without instructions like videos, pictures or guidelines it could be dangerous. It is essential to look for a reliable Jelqing program to know how to Jelq safely to make sure you accomplish your objectives safely.

Most important thing you need to be aware is that Jelqing is just a matter of “OK” sign. Check the image given here. You need to Ok gesture of your hand and move is slightly to start seeing good result. Make sure to keep your hand tight around your penis and also do this regularly. If you sequence is broken or you missed it in some day then you might not see the result and have to wait for few more weeks. If you feel uncomfortable doing that, then you buy some penomet penis enlargement pump too. Or alternatively, you can ask your girl friend to do that for you.

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