Four Loko x Fleshlight Review – Sex in Can Coupon

Have you tried the Four Loko x Fleshlight Sex in Can? Please find my review to buy Four Loko x Fleshlight with coupon.

If you haven’t tried sex in can device, then you could be missing a lot. However, we understand that you may have a few reservations for not using a non-reviewed product. This is why we are offering a review of the product that will give you a clear picture of the product and all that you need to know about it.

Four Loko x Fleshlight – My Honest Review

This unique product is a collaboration between sex toys giants, Fleshlight and Four Loko. Imagine all the good things you can get from these two brands infused into one. The design of the product gives you a clear indication that you are up for an amazing sexual experience.

Four Loko x Fleshlight sex in can review

You should get your hands on this rare product as it is available for a limited period.

The Sleeve Design

We will review some of the most important aspects of Four Loko Sex in Can toy to give you a wholesome picture that would help you determine whether you want to buy it or not.

The design

The Fleshlight sex in can comes in a flashy beer can design. You can say anything about the design but most people find it attractive. The most important factor in the design of this sex toy is that it is deceiving to the eyes of the public.People will think that you are carrying a beer can, which even has the alcohol percentage scribed on it.

Therefore, the design works to make the product discreet.

The feel

The feeling that you get from Four Loko x Fleshlight is unmatched. Imagine the exclusive Mini-Lotus texture and Mini-lady Orifice at your disposal. You can be sure that this will blow your mind.

Most people who have used this device have reported that the orifice options are great and make the experience amazing.

Inner texture

The sleeve is amazing! first-time buyers are definitely the target for this textured masturbation sleeve. In fact; It is good for existing users too.

The inside of the sleeve has several “waves” specially spaced through the canal. The diameters vary to enhance sexual experience.

What is included in the package?

When you buy the Four Loko x Fleshlight you will get the following in the package:

  • Mini-Lotus textured Mini-Lady orifice
  • Four Loko x Fleshlight case
  • A branded brown bag
  • Fleshlube
  • Renewing powder
  • Instructional manual for use and how to care

The package content of this Fleshlight device seem basic but has all that you need to start your experience with it. It gives you the right direction to start using the device.

Why to buy Four Loko x Fleshlight at Discount Price?

The following are some of the top reasons why you should buy this product:

  • It is of a high-quality, featuring two top brands in the adult sex toy industry.
  • Discreet shape that makes it very portable and unnoticeable.
  • It offers an amazing sexual experience with its “waves’ inside the canal
  • It lasts for long.

The normal retail price of Four Loko Sex in Can on the official Fleshlight website is $69.00. The price is already fair as it is. However, you can get discounts if you use a discount coupon. Furthermore, you can also opt for the combo deals to get more at a cheaper price. In fact; you get fleshlight accessories for free. All you have to add certain products in your cart.

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